Novo Nordisk: Stop the insulin price hikes

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Here’s the bottom line: people are dying because the price of insulin is increasing every single month. Since 2014, the price of insulin has increased by a shocking 64%.

Who is one of the the worst offenders? Novo Nordisk, a global healthcare company that increased the price of its insulin by 6% over the course of just two months this year. This just after it promised to cap annual price increases to single digit percentages.

Novo Nordisk controls a quarter of the global diabetes market, and they aren’t using it for good. In 2011 alone, diabetes products alone brought in $8 billion

This is literally life or death for many, and Novo Nordisk doesn’t appear to care.

Antroinette Worsham’s daughter, Sylvia, was found dead after she was found rationing insulin because she just couldn’t afford to get another vial.

Affording medication can mean either death and debt for many — and those choices just aren’t good enough.

Novo Nordisk: lower the cost of life-saving diabetes medication.