Dog Grooming is an essential during virus lockdown

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Dog Groomers should be essential through this crisis. We are no different from the Veterinary hospitals who are taking the pets in from the parking lots and having their clients video or call from their cars to speak with the doctors. Us groomers can do and already do the same thing. We can also take dogs from their owners in the parking lot. We take payments over the phone and will only be open for limited of hours. This is to help with the health and hygiene of these pets. If these dogs continue to get more matted and overgrown it will cause discomfort for the animal. It is also allergy season and most dogs suffer from seasonal allergies. Not being properly groomed can cause the allergies to irritate the dog even more because of hair growing in the eyes, ears, paws, etc. If this goes on through the summer many dogs will suffer and have health issues like ear infections, eye infections, skin infections, etc. Waiting too long to have a dog groomEd makes it more dangerous as well. The tighter the knots and tangles the more dangerous the process will be therefore, putting the dogs at more risk for injury. We are a huge part of who cares for these dogs and who brings attention to the owners if something is wrong with their pet. We need to be there for these dog owners and more importantly the dogs!