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Leaving pets inside of hot cars is illegal, but leaving them in the freezing cold isn't?

The state of Louisiana needs to change their enforcement on leaving pets outside 24/7. It has become illegal to leave pets inside of hot vehicles, but what about leaving them on a chain in the yard in the freezing temperatures and rain? Recently I have experienced this with a home on my street. They have 3 medium breed short haired dogs. Each dog has a small plastic dog house, but have we considered since the dogs may have a "roof" over their head that the wind chill nor rain still doesn't somehow blow inside their dog house? I've timestamped the numerous of times I've seen these poor animals outside, I've taken photos and also contacted the Tangipahoa Humane Society. Once I contacted the Tangipahoa Humane Society, they told me instantly that I must contact the Sheriff's office. I contacted the Sheriff's office and they came out for a check on the animals. From what I heard "the dogs were okay." This particular home owns a garage, so my first thought was, why could these animals not stay inside their garage during frigid temperatures? Each time stamp that I've kept on my phone when seeing these animals outside, it was raining and about 30 degrees or colder outside. I knew well enough these dogs stay outside on a chain 24/7 because they are there when I leave for work in the morning and when I get home that night. Judging by the way they just curl up on the wet ground for warmth is a red flag that these dogs get zero attention, love, and warmth, and that's not fair! As I stated in the beginning, how is it illegal to leave pets inside of a hot car, but it is okay to leave poor animals unattended outside on a chain majority of their life in all weather conditions. It is extremely dangerous leaving animals outside when even the news channel tells you we are in the middle of a freeze, to please "bring your pets inside." This is something that seriously needs to be enforced and illegal! It is inhumane and those poor animals deserve better!!

jean buras
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