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Clemency and pardons

My name is Marty Dale Williams also known as tdoc inmate 316632 I'm currently on my 24th year of incarceration in the department of corrections in 97 I was at a local bar named Jerry's offer paywood Lane in South Nashville while at the bar I reserved a female bartender being mistreated by another customer after asking the man to leave a fist fight broke out over the man's conduct towards the bartender after the fight was over with we both walked away while I was going back into the bar I picked up the man's pager and wallet and returned it to the bartender I left the bar after that and headed home three and a half hours later the Man passed away from a split liver at southern hills hospital while sitting in the waiting room I was given a life sentence with the possibility of parole after 51 calendar years for felony murder there was never any form of premeditation in the case it was a simple fist fight at a local bar this type of incident occurs on any given weekend night throughout the world mine just happened to affect me everyday for the last quarter century my entire stay in prison I've stayed positive and prayed everyday and bettered myself I've maintained excellent conduct over the past 24 years I don't have any dirty urinalysis no violent charges no weapons possessions I'm eligible for pro after serving 51 years in 96 a man could serve 25 and get out of prison on the same charge that I'm on now I'm writing this bio to bring light to the situation and show how justice system in Tennessee can take a man's life from him for 51 years over a simple bar fight trying to protect a woman in 1996 one year prior to my altercation in the state of Tennessee life with parole was 25 years you were eligible for parole after serving 25 consecutive years this is a Time issue because my charge was committed in 97 and not 96 I'm forced to serve 51 years. I'm writing this petition in hopes of getting some signatures for clemency or / pardon thank you for your time in this matter sincerely Marty Dale Williams

Marty Williams
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Petition to San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin

San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin Must Resign or Face Recall

Join a diverse coalition of San Franciscans across the city who demand change. Richie Greenberg, Justin Zollars and the Moderate Voters Caucus are leading this urgent call to action., demanding SFDA Chesa Boudin resign or face recall. 1/19/2021: VOLUNTEER FOR THE RESIGN/RECALL CAMPAIGN: The malicious actions of San Francisco's District Attorney Chesa Boudin must stop. Chesa Must Resign, or face recall. Our beloved city has seen an astronomical increase in crime, even under Covid-19 restrictions. In 2020, violent crime, home invasions, rampant and unchecked drug dealing and business property theft have turned our city upside down. We citizens are sick and tired of it. Demand SFDA Chesa Boudin resign immediately. Every resident and every visitor to San Francisco is a potential target. Our homes, our property and our lives are at risk. Mr. Boudin has been in office barely a year, and in his disastrous social experiment of criminal justice "reform" and the so-called restorative justice model, he has instead dismantled the criminal justice system. This was not by accident- Mr. Boudin has actually planned to allow mayhem on San Francisco's streets and in our homes. He schemes to vastly favor criminals over law-abiding citizens. We will involve SF Mayor London Breed Mayor London Breed has been conspicuously quiet on this issue- and has not come forth with outrage. The city must hear from her and we will demand she condemns Chesa Boudin. We therefore implore Mayor Breed to use her voice and her podium at City Hall to join us in demanding Mr. Boudin resign. Dismal Crime Statistics Crime statistics for the year ending December 2020: Burglaries are up 47% , Car thefts are up 34% , Arson 39% and Homicides over 10% . Drug overdose deaths surpassed 620 in 2020 due in part to Mr Boudin's hands-off-drug-dealers approach. Car break-ins are now so prevalent, car owners have simply stopped reporting them. A District Attorney is supposed to prosecute criminals Criminal justice, and the prosecution of crimes, is the responsibility of the District Attorney's office. Mr Boudin, as the city's chief law enforcement officer and head prosecutor, has actually declined to take on cases, thereby sending a signal to criminals than they may run free throughout San Francisco without consequence. What's more outrageous is that he cannot be fired, as he was elected. SF Crime Dashboard We have witnessed outrageous incidents during 2020, where Mr Boudin failed to act. Every incident appears increasingly heinous, and just this New Years Eve, a paroled criminal fleeing in a stolen car hit and killed 2 pedestrians in downtown San Francisco. SF Chronicle story link Each last straw becomes another in a line of last straws. The time has finally come for a mass call to action. Residents and business owners are fleeing. People are literally dying. Join Us In Demanding DA Chesa Boudin Resign, or face recall Show your support and sign this petition to demand San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin leave office. We will also send a clear message to Mayor London Breed she needs step up as well. A broad coalition of residents across our city supports this petition, with Richie Greenberg, Justin Zollars as well as the Moderate Voters Caucus leading this call. Chesa must resign or face recall. Our city and our lives depend on it. Questions? Media Queries? Email  

Richie Greenberg
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