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Petition to Phil Murphy, Cory A. Booker, Robert Menendez

NJ Unemployment Claim Issues

In March 2020, Governor Phil Murphy signed Executive Order No. 104, implementing aggressive social distancing measures to mitigate further spread of COVID-19 in New Jersey.  Soon after, the unemployment rate, increased at alarming rates, leaving several New Jersey residents dependent on unemployment benefits to care for their families.  Unfortunately, even after the signing of the first stimulus package, the unemployed in new jersey are facing multiple obstacles in attempting to receive benefits from the New Jersey Department of Labor. This has been an ongoing issue since the lockdown was initiated and continues be an ongoing issue with 0 resolution. Since the signing of the second stimulus package, many New Jerseyans continue to await an update on their claims.  In fact, we have yet to receive the extensions per the Federal Continued Assistance for Unemployed Workers Act. Each claimant continues to call or write the NJDOL and the assistance is sub-par as the claim’s representatives negate to provide actual assistance as they are limited in their abilities due to “technical issues”.  In addition, when calling for a representative, you must call a minimum of 90 times before receiving a representative as there is still no process in place to deal with the magnitude of open claims.   Our ask of the government is that we receive actual assistance with our claims and that the “system glitch” is addressed.   It is our hope that you will take our concerns into consideration and immediately address the unanswered claim submittals as well as the “system glitch” that is allegedly preventing the processing of open claim extensions. We are struggling to feed our families and pay our bills of which is causing credit issues and possible homelessness. Obstacles since March 2020: Claimants must call multiple times in order to receive a claim representative (90 plus times). Claim Representatives unable to provide assistance due to outdated system. Multiple claimants missing direct deposits; Contacted claims representatives, escalated multiple times, 0 updates provided to date.  (Still Pending) Claims exhausted in 2020, pending extensions; 0 updates to date.  

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Petition to My Community


I would like to take this time to offer my sincerest apologies to a nation that I've helped destruct through my past actions that were selfish, immature, uneducated, yet inhumane in nature. My name is Gilbert Fowler , I've been incarcerated for the past 19 years serving a 20-40 year sentence for 3rd degree homicide. Please allow me to elaborate more in depth on my apology. I'm merely a man, but as all men, a man of many mistakes. What I'm sharing with you will not be 1of the many mistakes I've made. A mistake is stepping on another's shoe, spilling a drink on a sofa or a rug, or bumping into one when your not paying attention. A mistake is an act that can be corrected thru replaced property, financial compensation, or sometimes a simple apology may do. Not in my case. Please forgive me as the following contents will not be graphically depicted, but may be disturbing in nature to some. On the15 day of May of 2002 I was responsible of taking the life of another man. This man had a life, a name, but most importantly a family who may never share another physical moment with their loved one again. I've taken from his mother the opportunity of watching her son become a productive member of society. I've taken the life of a man who had the potential and educational qualities to strengthen our communities, and on a grander scale, our Nation. Uneducated thinking leads us to believe that the actions we take only victimizes a sole individual. It is only until one becomes educated that we realize the chain of individuals who become victimized thru our actions. The line extends so long that it would merely take me a lifetime of work to apologize to each individual effected. So in a effort to save time, I'd like to extend my sincerest apologies to the heartbeat of a nation that I've aided in the destruction of. I'm not seeking sympathy for this apology. I only ask for the support in allowing me to use my past actions to create a greater future for a struggling nation. I know my actions will never be forgiven, but they also shouldn't be repressed. I'm asking society for the opportunity to show thru my actions that a miseducated child can mature and grow through our penal system into an educated adult, and abiding citizen in civilization. If this nation does not believe in rehabilitation what is the purposes of incarceration? I'm asking for the opportunity to be the face that changes the rate of recidivism, in my communities first, and with proper assistance, our nation on a broader scale. In the near future I'm anticipating a positive, productive, and determined reentry into society with the sole purpose of properly instructing (thru wisdom, understanding, and knowledge)the many generations that fall short of, or surpass the civil expectations of our society. Tho, I can't give back, nor replace what I have taken from the individuals my crime have victimized. My plans to offer an everlasting devotion to educate the current generations youth, offering a belief outside of "the product of my environment" excuse. I'm sincerely and humbling requesting your blessings in offering me your support to allow my reentry into society. If you believe in rehabilitation, or if u believe that an individual have the ability to grow and mature, or if you simply believe in giving one a 2nd chance, Please provide me with your support for my reentry. If you do not support any aforementioned views please note. Your own opinions/views are genuinely honored and appreciated. Tho I challenge you to believe in a system our society has elected as efficient in the process of rejuvenating our beloved nation. I would like to take the time to thank everyone who took time out of your day to read my "APOLOGY TO MY NATION". I pray you keep a open mind and heart when making your decision. I'd also like to sincerely apologize to anyone offended during my apology. May god bless all effected by my past actions. God Bless You!

Gilbert Fowler
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