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Petition to United States Attorney General, Federal Communications Commission, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Petition To Hold Mainstream Media Responsible for Violation of FCC Broadcasting False Info

Mainstream Media is practicing the art of spreading misinformation in order to cause fear, division and chaos in society.  This has caused irreputable and catastrophic damage across the foundations of society.  Race, Religion, Sex, Political Views, Wealth and many more topics have been used as a means to help their ongoing mission to keep society in fear, divided and focused on our differences, which in turn has led to catastrophic and irreputable damage to this country and the entire world!  Wars, Fake Pandemics, Political Cues are just a few consequences that we have had to endure, because of the Mainstream Media Lies. RACISM AND THE MEDIA (CLINICAL RESEARCH PROJECT BY KASSIA E. KULASZEWICZ, BSW, LSW UNIVERSITY OF ST. THOMAS ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA)"In consideration with how race is presented in the media historically, it seems that this research would show a correlation that racism is likely still reinforced through news media whether conscience or not. " LINK This is direct violation of The Federal Communications Commission of: Broadcasting False Information Act! LINK See More Case Studies Here ITS TIME WE TAKE A STAND AGAINST THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA GIANTS!WE MUST TERMINATE THE AGENDA OF CONSTANT DIVIDE!  SIGN PETITION        

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