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Petition to Grant Thornton NI, Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council

Support a Greenway linking Ballycastle and Ballymoney

We are signing this petition as a demonstration of our full support for the development of a Greenway linking Ballycastle and Ballymoney. Who are we? We are community members from Ballycastle and Ballymoney and from the villages and hamlets in the green space between. We are primary stakeholders in this project proposal. We believe that this project should score very highly in the impact assessment being conducted by Grant Thornton NI on behalf of Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council. With reference to the Council meeting on 5th January 2021, we believe that this project should receive full funding from the NI Executive / UK Government Growth Deal. Council meeting 5th Jan. 2021 We believe that development of a Greenway linking Ballycastle and Ballymoney will result in a range of economic, social and environmental benefits. A Greenway linking Ballycastle and Ballymoney will produce economic benefits for both, resulting from the increased footfall the Greenway will stimulate from local residents, domestic visitors and international tourists. Furthermore, with a creative design, the Greenway could include a variety of entry and exit points to include the tourist popular Dark Hedges and linkages to rural villages including Armoy and Stranocum. This would catalyse additional economic opportunities. Benefits will include new employment opportunities such as cafés and refreshment breaks at entry and exit points, walking and cycling tour guides and the maintenance of the Greenway. Walking and cycling are becoming increasingly popular leisure pursuits. Opportunities to enjoy these fully without the associated risk from cars on busy roads are extremely limited. Development of the Greenway will bring obvious social benefits resulting from the healthy exercise of cycling and walking and the experience of nature. The design of the Greenway should ensure full accessibility by Persons with Disabilities and be family-friendly in terms of safety for both young and old.  Development of the Greenway will also have environmental benefits. There will be opportunities to provide educational signage on native flora and fauna along the route, and information about environmental conservation. Waste recycling bins should be provided at regular intervals along the route. Development of the Greenway will link a coastal town already very popular with domestic and international visitors, to small rural villages and a large inland town with an excellent shopping experience and multiple, locally owned independent stores. Development of the Greenway will create a new asset for the Borough, attractive to both residents and visitors. While the investment will produce a range of economic benefits, careful design will ensure the new asset will have a low level of maintenance and recurring costs to be absorbed by the ratepayer through the Council’s annual budget. We are sending Grant Thornton NI a clear message of broad community support for this project.

Ballycastle Ballymoney Greenway Supporters Club
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Petition to Henry City Clerk Sherry Klein, Henry Mayor Jeff Bergfeld

Control the Feral Cat Population in Henry, Illinois

The feral cat population in Henry, Illinois is growing rapidly. By signing this petition, you are showing your support in the use of a TNR program to help control the feral cat population in our small town. Feral cats are defined as an "un-owned domestic cat that lives outdoors and avoids human contact." It is estimated that TENS of MILLION of feral and stray cats freely roam the streets of the United States and breed rapidly. Doing nothing and using ineffective approaches are what have resulted in the current overpopulation problem. Trying to rescue all of the feral cats and find them homes is impossible given their numbers and their limited socialization. Removing or relocating all of the feral cats invites new un-neutered cats to move in and the cycle of reproduction starts again. Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) is the only method proven to be humane and effective in controlling free-roaming cat population growth.  Feral cats can be found living outside in groups known as colonies. They tend to live outside human homes and exhibit wild behavior, but they are not wildlife. The majority of feral cats rely on food provided by humans.  The most compassionate choice for the cats is to allow them to live outdoors with their colony. Trap-Neuter-Return is a simple process with significant benefits. Feral cats are captured using humane traps. They are then taken to a veterinarian to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated against deadly diseases, like rabies. The cats are the returned to their original territory and are supplied with ongoing access to food and fresh water. 

Alissa Hastings
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