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Petition to U.S. Senate

Expel Sen. Josh Hawley

Josh Hawley has clearly forgot being an elected official, is a privilege! He has proven he's no longer worthy of this privilege to be an elected official working on behalf of the people. Over and over again.... *He has made decisions based on his personal feelings, not the interest of the people who elected him. *He helped drive the horrible January 6th insurrection with his careless rhetoric. *He has opposed our democratic process, which is the process that allows there to even be a US Senate. The same US Senate that provides him a current role as a sitting senator. *He has knowingly lied to people that trust him. Not in their best interest, not because he cares how they feel, not because he cares what they truly believe, but only because he wants their support for his future personal political goals. *Now he is purposely leaving us vulnerable by opposing confirmation and consideration of vital leadership roles simply because he is upset. This action makes no sense when the nominee he is opposing is more than qualified. His baseless vow to object is even more ridiculous because, regardless of his objection the nominee Alejandro will still be confirmed. The only difference is with his objection it will be a longer process. The part that's most selfish is he knows his objection will not change anything, it will only make the process take a longer amount of time. Time that leaves the American people vulnerable to terrorist and other attacks, domestic or otherwise. So why do such a thing? Well, he has no viable explanation! So we can all conclude Josh Hawley just has no regards for us, the american people, or our best interest anymore. His agenda only consist of actions that satisfy his own personal feelings. A person like that has no business in any leadership role when they don't possess the ability to place the best interest of people, above their own personal feelings.

Nae Harris
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Petition to House Committee On Ethics

Remove Yvette Harrell as NM Representative

        On behalf of The State of  New Mexico Congressional District 2, I am writing to request that the House Committee on Ethics put forth the motion to Censure or Expel Representative Yvette Harrell as a member of the United States Congress.              For what reasons should the Senate expel a member? The Constitution Article 1 Section 5 simply states that each house of Congress may "punish its Members for disorderly Behavior, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member." When the Senate expelled William Blount in 1797 by a nearly unanimous vote, it had reason to believe he was involved in a conspiracy against the United States. In late 1807 John Smith, who had previously been indicted for his participation in “Burr’s Conspiracy” only narrowly retained his seat. He rightfully and justifiably retired his political career as a result of these proceedings.           Under House Rule X, the Committee is authorized to enforce standards of conduct for members, officers and employees; to investigate alleged violations of any law, rule or regulation; and to make recommendations to the House for further action.          Actions speak louder than words and Although Harrell verbally “condemned” the violence that took place on Capitol Hill 1/6/21 she made it clear, by continuing to object to the electoral college vote and by voting against the impeachment of Donald Trump, a fascist provocateur of violence- she is moving forward with a self-centered agenda.  Those involved in the attacks of January 6th and those who continue to show support for the rhetoric that lead to such events must be held accountable lest they continue to fuel the marginalized group so clearly resolved to resort to violence and harm our democratically elected officials.      It is becoming more difficult to reach out to Harrell and so we the constituents of New Mexico District 2 ask you to take action against Harrell and ensure that all voices in New Mexico are heard. Sincerely, Citizens of New Mexico, U.S.A

Cassandra Galban
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